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Architectural Window Restoration, Inc.

Architectural Window Restoration, Inc. specializes in the repair, restoration and rebuilding of metal windows and doors. Our services include bronze and steel window repair, and the restoration of all shapes and styles of metal windows and doors. We have earned a reputation for superior quality and uncompromised attention to detail in the repair and restoration of steel windows and doors. Great pride is taken in our ability to fully restore steel windows and doors to their original condition.

We provide steel window repair, preservation, and restoration services to residential, commercial, municipal, churches and cathedrals, and historic and landmark buildings throughout the United States.

Our metal window repair and restoration team is comprised of highly-skilled craftsmen and artisans who are experienced with all manufacturers of bronze and steel windows and doors including products by Hopes, Crittall, Fenestra, Lupton, Thorn, and Truscon.

Steel window restoration is an economic and eco-friendly alternative to steel window replacement. The restoration of steel windows is an important step toward preserving the character and historical integrity of a building’s original architecture, while retaining the narrow sight-lines and distinctive appearance that is unique to steel windows. Restoration significantly improves the thermal performance of steel windows by eliminating drafts and moisture intrusion, while also reducing sound transmission.

Restoration also eliminates the consumption of new raw materials that are needed to manufacture replacement windows. Bronze and steel windows and doors have proven a more than 100-year life cycle, and once properly restored they will continue to provide unmatched quality and durability.

Steel windows can be restored to look and operate like new for a price that is far less than the cost of replacement windows of comparable quality. These historic bronze and steel windows and doors are truly worth saving.

We are family owned and operated since 1989, and we serve the entire United States. For all your steel window repair and restoration needs, Contact us for additional information. Our phone number is 302-792-2002. We look forward to serving you.