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Steel casement window repair

Old factory steel windows

Bronze doors

Introduction to Steel Window Repair; including casement, double-hung, and others

Our restoration capabilities for metal windows and doors, including the most used steel casement windows, are not limited by project size or scope. We have the resources and capabilities to perform any size job from five units to five-hundred units. We are able to provide these services on-site or in our restoration shop, depending on the project scope and requirements. We perform our repair and restoration services on all styles of metal windows, including bronze and steel casement windows, bronze and steel double-hung windows, steel projecting windows, steel pivot windows, steel austral windows, and steel continuous windows, and every style of bronze and steel door.

Steel Window Repair

We provide on-site repair and restoration of steel casement windows and steel doors for those projects which require the window units to remain in the building. On-site work is performed with the proper equipment and processes to safely remove and contain the lead-based paints that are commonly found in some of the many layers of paint that have been applied to steel windows over the years. We remove the paint with equipment that keeps the paint from vaporizing into the atmosphere or from becoming airborne dust particles, and we carefully collect the old paint for proper disposal.

We remove any deteriorated steel sections and replace them with new steel sections that we fabricate in our shop. Whatever the condition of the steel casement windows or steel doors, we are able to repair, adjust and realign the windows and doors to work as they were originally designed.

We have the expertise to create detailed, reproduction steel casement window units to match existing windows when the situation arises. These reproduced steel casement window units can be used to exchange non-repairable windows or to correctly replace a window that was previously replaced with a lesser quality replacement window.

Bronze Window Repair

We provide on-site repair and restoration of bronze windows. The repair and restoration procedures are virtually the same for bronze window repair and restoration as they are for steel casement window repair, with the exception being that bronze must be handled much more carefully in all stages of the process, as bronze is a more delicate material, and the proper finishing of bronze requires a unique process which should only be carried out by experienced craftsmen.

Bronze and Steel Window Hardware Restoration

We restore each piece of window hardware to its original condition. We clean, buff, and polish all brass and bronze hardware to its original luster. In cases where hardware has been broken, lost, or is deteriorated beyond restoration, we have the ability to cast or forge replacement pieces in our shop.

Media Blasting

Media blasting is one of several environmentally friendly methods we utilize to efficiently and safely remove paint and rust from old metal windows and doors. Media blasting is efficient in the removal of paint and other contaminants from bronze and steel windows, and the media is generally reusable for several processes. Media blasting is also very effective in the containment of harmful lead-based paints and glazing putty.

Our Metal Window Restoration and Repair Facility

We provide in-house restoration of metal windows and doors in our restoration shop. It is often more efficient and economical to perform the restoration process in our shop. In these cases, we remove the units needing restoration and temporarily board-up and weatherproof the openings in the building. We then carefully document and tag each window and door for reinstallation into its original opening, and transport the units to our shop to perform the restoration work. Once the restoration is complete, we return the units and reinstall them into the building.

We can also assist you in arranging shipment of your windows and doors to our shop for restoration.

Storm Windows

We can provide your windows with storm windows. These can be interior or exterior mounted - dependent on window operation. They will greatly improve your windows’ insulation efficiency; adding to the improved R-value that our restoration provides. Here is a link to the color chart.

Service Areas

Our services are available throughout the United States. We have traveled from our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Palm Beach, Florida locations to Chicago, Illinois; New York, New York; New Orleans, Louisiana; Savannah, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Boston, Massachusetts; Asheville, North Carolina; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Miami Beach, Florida; Maui, Hawaii; and many other locations to provide our services.